Christine was released in 1983. The 80s cult movie is based on the bestseller novel from Stephen King, also named Christine. The film was directed by the legendary John Carpenter, and grossed a total of $21million.

The Movie

The film revolves around a red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury. Starting out in 1957 with a Chrysler worker found dead in the car, the film jumps 21 years later to 1978. Starring Keith Gordon as Arnold “Arnie” Cunningham, John Stockwell as Dennis Guilder, and Alexandra Paul as “Leigh Carbot”

Arnold buys the old car from George Lebay (Roberts Blossom). As Arnold brings the car home his parents told him they do not want the car in their yard, so he finds a do it yourself storage site and starts fixing the car. With Arnold spending more time with the car, he evolves from a lonely schoolboy with no friends into a 1950s greaser.

The car turns out to have some supernatural powers when he gets out to fix a wiper blade, just to witness his date choking on a hamburger in the locked car. Christine had become infatuated with Arnold.

After confronting the previous owner it turns out that several people committed suicide in the car. When the school bully, Buddy Repperton (William Ostrander) is expelled from school, he takes revenge on Arnie by vandalizing Christine. The car then magically repairs itself and goes on a killing spree. Picking off the vandals one by one.

The movie ends with Christine being bulldozed just to repeatedly repair itself. The bulldozing continues until the car gives up, and is compressed into a block of metal at the local scrapyard. The film eerily ends when the camera zooms in and the radio starts playing. Christine is one of the best Stephen King novel productions and became very popular among supernatural horror film fans.

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