11 Snappy facts about “Back to the Future”

The “Back to the Future” trilogy arguably remains one of the biggest success stories in theatres from the 1980s. It has become a cult brand with fans that grew up in the decade. Here are 11 Snappy facts about “Back to the Future” you may not know.


1 Script 40 times rejected

The film’s script was rejected 40 times. Disney argued it had an undertone of incest. Referring to the 18-year-old Marty kissing his then-teenager mom in 1955. Universal Studios eventually picked up on the idea.


2 The Spaceman from Pluto

The name “Back to the Future” created some confusion amongst the Universal executives. How can you go back to the future? One exec suggested they name the film “Spaceman from Pluto”. Spielberg shrugged it off his shoulders and replied that the whole crew enjoyed the joke.

3 The fridge and the DeLorean

Being a time-traveling movie, you had to have a time-traveling device. One bizarre idea was using a fridge. Makes you think of the phone booth used in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures”. Writer Bob Gale eventually fell on the idea of the DeLorean sports cars. When the bigshots at Ford heard about this, they offered the producers $75,000 to switch to a Ford Mustang.

The offer was declined with Gale’s iconic response “Doc Brown doesn’t drive a Mustang! Needless to say, the fridge idea got its place years later, mockingly in another movie by Spielberg. One is about a confident Dr. Jones and a nuclear blast.

4 Stoltz vs. Fox

Eric Stoltz, as many know, was given the role of Marty McFly. His style eventually became problematic as Stoltz was seen as too dark and brooding. Something not fitting a comedy role. He was replaced by Fox. The move cost $ 4 million and set back filming six weeks, as many scenes with Stoltz had already been done.

5 Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan, then the US President had to sign off on the film, as he was mentioned in a scene. Doc Brown noted that he could not believe the actor would one day become president. Reagan was pleased with the film and gave it a mention in his state of the union, “where we’re going, we don’t need roads”. Producers of the third movie offered Reagan a part in the film, but he graciously declined.

6 The Karate Kid

Ralph Macchio, playing the role of Daniel in the Karate Kid movies, turned down the role of McFly, citing it looks too boring.

7 The Chimpanzee

In the original script, Doc Brown owned a Chimpanzee as a pet. Sid Sheinberg from Universal was not happy with the idea, as according to him, no movies with Chimps as pets, ever made money. So Doc got a dog.

8 No sequels

Robert Zemeckis never planned for any follow-up movies to be made. His idea of the open ending of the first movie was purely to let the audience’s imaginations fly. However, when the studio indicated that they are planning sequels, Zemeckis chose to remain for the two new productions.

9 The Mall Signboard

When Marty meets up with Doc Brown at the mall parking lot, the signboard says “Twin Pines Mall”. When Marty arrived in 1958 he drove over a pine tree. Upon returning to 1985 the sign was changed to “Lone Pine Mall”

10 No Reboots

Robert Zemeckis is the owner of all three film rights. This explains the reason why we have not heard a tweet about a reboot as Robert refuses outright to any remake ideas.

11 Elijah Woods in a cameo role

Elijah Woods played a cameo role as one of the kids in the arcade in Back to the Future 2


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