Lego 6891

Gama Laser Craft

Set number Lego 6891

Released 1985

144 Parts

Studio shot

Lego 6891 was released in 1985. By the second last year of the Classic Space production run, Lego has phased out completely the blue, white, and trans-yellow color scheme in some sets. Remember the older space sets? Included, like many of the sets during this year, is a droid. A funky robot made up of arms, hinges, and studs. The set has one black-colored spaceman mini-figure.

Lego 6891 two parts

The set included two new black panels on the aft section, a piece used in very few sets. The set is adorned with trans red and yellow lights and discs and antennas. Like all of the Classic Space sets. The wedge plates that make out the wings and the nose are out of production and have become quite sought after. Also a telltale part of what you are getting if you spot one in a batch of mixed secondhand Lego at the thrift store. The set is not very well designed and comes apart easily, but that does not apply to its looks. It’s a beautiful set, with the lines of the set screaming spaces ship. It just looks like it goes fast.

6891 Packaging

The packaging is also something reminiscent of the 80s. You got a sleeve with a tray that pulls out. Inside the tray, you would get all your bricks and the instruction manual. A lot of these sets have been produced and you can find them easily on sites like eBay and Bricklnk.