Lego 6985

Cosmic Fleet Voyager

Set number Lego 6985

Released 1983

405 Parts

Lego 6985 Cosmic Fleet Voyager was released in 1986, being the last “Flagship” set for the popular ‘Classic Space’ line. The set is mainly made up of traditional blue, white, and trans-yellow pieces. Old grey pieces only appear in small amounts. Complementing the set are four space Minifigures. White, yellow, red, and black. Sadly lego stopped including the popular baseplates with these large sets. As you could find with the two previous flagships.

6985 was a modular set, just like its predecessor. It consisted of two parts that make up the larger set. The front part is made up of a cockpit for two pilots, and a storage section, with its own back door.

The back section is a bit smaller and houses the moon buggy, with a ramp for the vehicle. tools and utensils are stored on clips attached to the storage boxes.

The Box

The box came out with the traditional flap on the top, so you can view the contents of the set before you buy it. The set was a huge hit and popular amongst kids in 1986 and AFOLs today, forking out a fortune if they could find a sealed set.

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