The story of witches and brave warriors

Willow was released in 1988 and directed by Ron Howard.


Special effects by Lucasfilm and the soundtrack by the master James Horner. The film score was performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Theatrical poster of Willow

The dark fantasy film was shot at locations in England and New Zealand in 1987. Special effects were handled by George Lucas and his Industrial Light & Magic company. The movie was awarded two Academy nominations. It grossed $137.6 million worldwide with a budget of $35million.

The movie


Val Kilmer starred as Madmartigan, a mercenary who helps Willow Ufgood the dwarfish farmer and sorcerer, on his quest to protect the baby he was entrusted to. The baby had the birthmark spoken of in the prophecy of the downfall of the evil queen.


The quest to return the baby turns out to become an epic adventure, culminating in a final battle, with castles and multi-headed dragons and trolls.


One that will be remembered by many fans of the movie. The movie is certainly a landmark for special effects and introduced the big screen to the fantasy world of Trolls, dwarfs, humans, and all creatures in between.


The Cast

  • Warwick Davis as Willow Ufgood
  • Val Kilmer as Madmartigan
  • Kate and Ruth Greenfield/Rebecca Bearman as Elora Danan
  • Joanne Whalley as Sorsha
  • Jean Marsh as Queen Bavmorda
  • Patricia Hayes as Fin Raziel
  • Billy Barty as The High Aldwin
  • Pat Roach as General Kael
  • Gavan O’Herlihy as Airk Thaughbaer
  • Maria Holvöe as Cherlindrea
  • Kevin Pollak and Rick Overton as Rool and Franjean
  • David J. Steinberg as Meegosh
  • Mark Northover as Burglekutt
  • Phil Fondacaro as Vohnkar
  • Julie Peters as Kaiya Ufgood
  • Malcolm Dixon as a Nelwyn warrior
  • Tony Cox as a Nelwyn warrior
  • Kenny Baker (English actor) as Nelwyn Band Member
  • Zulema Dene as Ethna, the midwife
  • Sallyanne Law as Elora Danan’s mother

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