Her Alibi

Her Alibi was released on 3 February 1989. Starring Tom Selleck and Paulina Porizkova. Distributed by Warner Bros.

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The production was a box office disappointment. Earning only $18 Million at the ticket office on a budget of $15 million. In 1990 Porizkova won a Golden Raspberry nomination for worst actress for her role as Nina. Besides the poor ratings, the romantic comedy is a joy to watch and Tom Selleck provides a comical performance.

The Movie

Selleck plays the role of Phil Blackwood. A novelist who spends time in courts watching trials for inspiration. On one such day, he is entranced by a Romanian murder suspect, Nina, played by Porizkova. He is instantly infatuated with her. With the help of his agent (William Daniels), Phil cooks up a story to provide an alibi to get her released. With protest from his agent of course.

The beautiful Porizkova

Phil, pretending to know Nina, takes her home to live with him under supervision. His Agent, Sam, brings up the idea that she actually might be a murderer.

This makes Phil act like a cat on a hot plate all around the house, while strange things happen to fuel his paranoia. Nina throws a bug with a kitchen knife and accidentally shoots Phil with an arrow. All the while Phil inserts his experiences with Nina into the novel he is busy writing.

Haircut scene from the film

At this stage, the film has the audience wondering what this woman is really about. It turns out she is a circus performer touring the USA under the watchful eye of her government. Nina and her crew have plans to defect and Phil gets entangled in the whole affair when their plans are discovered by her government.

Sadly from here, the movie loses its appeal as a blockbuster, with Phil and Nina joining her circus crew to fight off the Romanian agents. All ends well and the whole group is granted asylum. Phil publishes his book, called “Her Alibi”, and becomes a huge success. They live happily ever after.

Nina and the arrow

The Cast

  • Tom Selleck as Phil Blackwood
  • Paulina Porizkova as Nina
  • William Daniels as Sam
  • James Farentino as Frank
  • Hurd Hatfield as Troppa
  • Victor Argo as Auran
  • Patrick Wayne as Gary Blackwood
  • Tess Harper as Sally Blackwood

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