Silver Spoons

Silver Spoons firstly aired on 25 September 1982 on NBC. It consisted of 115 episodes of 22 minutes each over 5 seasons. The last episode aired on 30 May 1987.

After the fourth season, NBC canceled the show, and the producers, Embassy Television, moved over to Syndication. The production was created by Martin Cohan, Howard Lees, and Ben Starr. A Prime Time Emmy nomination was awarded to the show in 1986.

Edward and Ricky

The Show

The show revolves around Ricky Stratton (Ricky Schroder). A boy from a week-long marriage between Evelyn Bluedhorn (Christine Belford) and Edward Stratton III (Joel Higgens). Ricky was sent to a military academy as a young boy. Eventually, he decided to look up to his father.

Upon Ricky’s arrival at the Stratton estate, Edward was taken by surprise that he had a son. The childish father immediately sent Ricky back to the school, but later had a change of heart and fetched him to live with him and his grandfather, Edward Stratton II (John Houseman)

Edward and Ricky with one of the arcade machines
Ricky and Derek

During the early episodes, Ricky becomes friends with Derek Taylor, played by Jason Bateman.

Edward and the toy filled mansion

Ricky’s father is a stark contrast to his industrialist grandfather. Edward III is a boychild and the entire house is filled with arcade games and toys from the family’s toy business, Eddie’s Toys. Ricky’s father at first thinks the boy needs to have more fun, but Ricky on the other hand thinks his father needs to grow up. The Stratton assistant, Kate, is played by the beautiful Erin Grey from the Buck Rogers fame. A character that brings some structure to the family and ultimately marries Ricky’s father, and lays the groundwork for season three. Silver Spoons was a fairly popular show and epitomized the 80s with the toy explosion and the arcade craze. Most certainly a show worth revisiting.


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