Lego 6820


Set Number Lego 6820 Starfire

Released 1986

29 Parts (1 Minifigure)

Lego 6820 Starfire was released in 1986 as part of the last designs to be released under the Classic Space banner. The set contains 29 parts and one blue Classic Space Minifigure.

Instruction booklet cover


The entry-level set was produced in large numbers and is one of the most common sets still around today.

Lego marketed the set in a carded peg box or plain box. The image featured the set in flight over a lunar surface.

The set

The Starfire is a small spacecraft set with mostly black and white parts. The sloping front of the craft is a printed piece that only appears in this set in white, while the blue version appeared in 4 sets. All Classic Space sets. Behind the sloped nose is another unique piece that resembles the controls controls.

Included in the set is one blue Classic Space Minifigure with the relevant logo printed on the torso, blue helmet, and air tanks. A camera is included and stored at the back of the cockpit seat.

The Starfire can be seen as an indication of Lego’s intention to move away from the Old grey and blue color scheme towards mostly white. Maybe in preparation for the launch of the 1987 Futuron series.

Propulsion is provided by two little jet engines on the wings. The craft is piloted by two control sticks and a column/control panel in front of the pilot. A helicopter-style undercarriage provides the landing gear for the rough lunar landscape, with two red safety lights on either side of the wing structure. The nose of the craft is a cone piece with a lever part at the front. Possibly acting as an antenna. The only limit is your imagination.

Classic Space Moonbase Alpha

Lego 6820 Starfire preparing to land for refueling.

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