10 Snappy Facts About Predator

Predator was released in 1987. Here are 10 Snappy Facts About Predator you probably did not know.

The name says it all

The film’s name was originally slated to be Hunter. In fact, during the entire production and filming, it was called that. It was only after production that the name was changed to Predator. The producers were worried that it could confuse people with the TV show “Hunter”.

Predator’s green blood

The glowy oozing green blood of the alien as seen in the movie was made on set by mixing the fluid from glow sticks and KY Jelly

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Wedding bells

Arnold got married during the production of Predator and went on honeymoon for only three days.

Bigger alien suit

Jean Claude Van Damme initially played and wore the alien costume, but McTiernan wasn’t happy with his height. Van Damme was replaced by the tall Kevin Peter Hall, and the alien costume redesigned.

Predator’s voice

Peter Cullen, also known for the voice of Optimus Prime, provided the eery voice of Predator.


The entire movie was shot on location in Mexico

Rocky vs E.T.

Yes, the joke was that Rocky Balboa has fought everybody but E.T.! So the joke became an idea for a movie, that became Predator.

Arnold alone

The original idea was that Arnold would act alone in a jungle duel with the alien. He did not like the idea and the script was altered to include a team of commandos.

The new Predator costume was heavy

The new alien suit that Kevin Peter Hall wore weighed over 90 kilograms, so he had to be attached to a rig with a bungee cord to make the movement of the alien look real.

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Cloaking the alien

A bright red suit was worn by the actor playing the Predator, and after filming was removed with a chroma key technique. This left an empty area where the alien would have been. The same scene was then shot again without the actors with a wide-angle lens. The two results were then combined to create the vague stealthy look of Predator.